Thursday, October 23, 2014

DAY 46 - Oct 23

Since the last post we have been exploring the east coast of California. And what a beautiful coast it is! A bit dry because of the severe drought (it hasn't rained much since last winter) but lovely none the less. We've been sleeping in campgrounds this week, lots of nice ones to choose from and the summer crowds are gone, just the hardier travellers braving the cool nights (around 10-14C at night). Which reminds me i have to buy some new breakers for the heater... dang things keep popping...

A windy beach where the girls compete with the remains of a sand sculpting competition. The sand was a greyish white and very sticky, perfect for sculpting!

Marianne and i got rained on at this beach but it was worth it, the waves where the biggest we had seen so far and made a thunderous bang as they crashed on the rocks. We had a blast as we ran from the side of the road to the overhanging cliff, through a winding path in the bushes. Then back to the car, wet but elated. I love those bonding moments :-)

Another view of the same beach.

We had lunch in a awesome restaurant perched at the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The food was excellent and the service top notch. Well worth the price!

Another spot farther down the coast, no access to the beach but a spectacular view.

Umm, another spot... so many nice views along the coast, hard to keep track!

Two explorers admiring the view.

Elephant seals! A couple of hundred of them warming up on the beach. Fighting, sleeping, farting, flopping around. Cool stuff.

Nights are so dark in the campground here, and the stars... wow! Wish i had a better camera to take pictures of the stars!

The girls chilling in their "bird nests" :-)

All right, gotta work now... sigh... freezing my butt off at the local Starbucks, what's with the insanely cold aircon when it's 15C outside!! I'm heading for the library now... warmer there!

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