Saturday, November 1, 2014

DAY 52 - Oct 29

We finally left the west coast last weekend. Now we are on our way to Florida by hugging the southern states.

The past week has seen some last lingering views of the Pacific ocean, making for a sad Julie who will miss the ocean. Luckily we'll see the Atlantic ocean in a couple of weeks :-)

Lot's of marine life on this beach, the crabs where fun to watch.

A dead crab found by a group of school kids on an outing.

One of our pastimes is examining the strata we see on our drive and speculating on the geological activities that created and shaped them. The sea shores and highways have a bounty of beautiful and varied rocks.

Fun beach for the girls, very small waves and boats a plenty.

We stopped by the town of Solvang in California, a danish colony founded in 1911. Very nice town that reminded me of my 2 years in Europe!

More Solvang.

This was in Santa Barbara. A gorgeous town filled with palm trees, much to Julie's delight.

I forget which town this store front was in, but it made me laugh... as well as another husband and his wife that was passing by :-)

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