Saturday, October 11, 2014

DAY 34 - Oct 11

Here are the highlights of the last few days.

OCT 8 

Captain's log, stardate 08102014... last night we... landed on a strange planet... it's.. otherworldly... the fauna and the... geology... are exotic. <for you non-geeks that should be read in James Kirk's voice... you know, Star Trek... sigh>.

We stayed at the Hole in the Wall campground in the Mojave National Preserve. Very dry, very hot and high altitude.. the hike didn't last long!

A mama mountain lion and her cubs.

Breakfast in the park.

Oct 11

Sequoia National Park in California. A tree hugger paradise :-)

General Sherman Tree. The biggest (by volume) tree in the world and over 2300 years old.

Our homelearners hard at work earning their Junior Ranger badges by completing some quizzes and exercises. National Parks in the states are well organized for teaching small and big kids all about nature and ecology. We've learned some cool stuff so far.

Today we are in Madera planning our next step: find a nice place to relax for a few weeks before we start our journey to Florida, then back up to Laval to cool off (it's been 33C for the last few days in California).

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