Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 41 - Oct 18

This afternoon we went to the Fisherman's Warf  in Monterey for a cool ride in a sail boat to go whale watching. Unfortunately the whales where shy today but we got to see a lot of seals and dolphins.

Our marine biologist in training are ready to go.

I was surprised by the smooth ride of the sail boat, and the steep angle it takes as the wind tries it's best to capsize us!

If you squint you can see the dolphins, there was at least a hundred of them hunting for fish in that one spot.

The seals like to sleep and warm up in the sun anywhere they can. After fishing in the cold waters they have no choice but to come back and soak up some heat. Sometimes they make their way onto boats and have been known to sink a few when they gang up on them and their combined weight is to much for the boat!

Marianne got to pet some parrots after the sailing trip, very happy girl!

Lot's of pelicans hanging around the boats also.

We finished the trip with a seafood lunch at one of the excellent restaurants in the harbour followed by a treat at a desert place with a familiar name :-)

At night we had a BBQ with Erin's brother, their parents and the boys cousins at the farm. I learned to play Cribbage, which is a lot of fun. After the meal we tried some Ghost peppers from the farm... crazy stuff! We each had a tiny piece, barely a crumb, and our mouths where on fire for a half hour... it used to be the world hottest pepper, but it was recently dethroned by the Corolina Reaper pepper.

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