Monday, October 6, 2014

DAY 27 - Oct 4

Last night we camped at a nice RV campground in the Glen Canyon park.

Here we see Evalie this morning, in her increasing use of my iPhone to make surprisingly decent photos and goof around on video :-)

Btw i hope my old iPhone 4 survives until the end of the trip. It's getting it's fair share of sand, falls and greasy little hands on it. Can't wait to upgrade to an iPhone 6 when i get back!

I don't think i need to say where this is! Damn, that is one big hole!! Up to a 1.6km deep!!! The museum and visitor center is very nice and instructive, we learned a lot about the formation and exploration of the Grand Canyon. Here you can tell Evalie was very tired when we took the picture (last night actually, just before sunset). I had to watch her very closely so she wouldn't step off into the void...

At night we slept in one of the campgrounds in the Canyon Park. Very nice, saw lot's of stars despite the almost full moon.

Another view this morning.

And another.

And... another.

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