Friday, October 17, 2014

DAY 39 - Oct 16

Today we meet up with a local homeschooling group in the Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge, close to Monterey, CA. I found the group online a few days before and we we're quickly welcomed in by the group founder and all around nice lady, Erin, who invited us to stay at her organic farm. After barely surviving an aborted late night attempt to climb their steep driveway (aka Mount Doom), her hubby Cyrus kindly towed our camper up the next day using his monster truck... ok, just a regular big pickup. We learned that towing a heavy load with a front wheel drive does not work well on a really steep hill, we had no grip at all!

After settling in they made us a delicious supper to welcome us, was the best food we had in a long time! Erin's mom cooked some corn on the cob covered in melted Mexican cheese, what a tasty combo!

They have two boys that Marianne quickly befriended. Evalie took a little longer, as usual, but is warming up to them. She is not used to wild older boys, what with most of her friends being girls or younger boys.

Here is the group having fun colouring bird wings before heading off to the beach at the end of the trail in the wildlife refuge.

Finally, the Pacific Ocean!!! I took 5 weeks and 7500km but it was worth it!

What's this? A message in the sand to my sweet love Julie? Oh right, it's Julie's birthday today! Happy Birthday Julie!!!

The kids had a ton of fun building castles and walls to protect them.. alas, they were no match for the mighty Pacific waves!


  1. So wonderful to meet your family last week! Really enjoyed visiting with you all. Always inspiring to connect with other like minded families :) Hope our paths cross again.

  2. We had a fun time also Nicole! The group was very welcoming and we enjoyed our day with you all at the beach. You should come visit us up north, we got enough nice cold snow to go around! :-)