USA Tour 2014

In the autumn of 2014 we took a 3 month trip through the United States. We hitched our R-Pod camper to the minivan and took off for Niagara Falls. From there we dived into the States and took our time driving from one interesting place to another. Sometimes we stayed a few days bust mostly we spent the night in the parking lot of the local Walmart (they are everywhere!) and took off the next morning.

We tried many camping grounds along the way and even spend a week in California with some new friends on their small farm. A few times also we parked on quiet residential streets when it was too late to find anything or we where in a rare town with no Walmart.

All in all it was a grand adventure that we will remember for a long time!

This map gives you a rough idea of our route.

Check out the blog posts from 2014 for an account of the trip.

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