Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 35 - Oct 13

We survived driving into San Francisco today, what a crazy town to drive in with a camper! Right off the bridge and we are confronted with a road we could barely decipher, blue painted lanes for taxies, tiny car lanes that you can only go 10 miles an hour on and have to share with bikes, electric buses zipping around clipped to overhead cable like old style tramways and no left turns... was a lot to take in at once but we managed. After that we saw that most of the road where normal compared to that first one! 

We made our way to the Golden Gate Park where we were treated to a free concert by the Golden Gate Park Band. The girls where very happy, i was tempted to send Marianne over to dance next to the conductor, but i figured he would not appreciate it... sigh.

After that we checked out the Japanese garden in the park. It was nice but expensive for such a small garden.

Next was the Science Museum. Nice also but very expensive for the family, over a $100! The museum has a planetarium, a tropical forest biodome (small compared the one in Montreal, which is hard to beat), an earthquake simulator and many exhibits. Here we see a fish that makes Grumpy Cat look like a happy cat!

After supper we had a walk around the lake where we saw a bridge right out of a Tolkien book!

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