Monday, October 6, 2014

DAY 24 - Oct 1

Today we are in the Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. An awesome mountain range with nice views and several cliff dwellings.

We had lunch at one of the many stops in the park. After that we got to the top off the highest peak in the range and got to see the clouds very close by, at our level! Unfortunately one of them was grey and menacing... it promptly dumped some hail on us... let me tell you it stings just as much when the cloud is right above you!  

Our first view of the Spruce Tree House cliff dwelling!

Up close of the Spruce Tree House.

Inside a Kiva, a round underground room most likely used for ceremonies.

The famous Cliff Palace, the biggest dwelling in the park and one of the biggest and best preserved ones in America.

Cliff Palace up close.

The climb back up from the Cliff Palace.

We didn't get to see the other dwellings because half of them are closed for winter. Even if we could we wouldn't have gone, climbing around at that altitude (7000 feet) was exhausting... we weren't used to the altitude yet and were easily winded.

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