Monday, September 29, 2014

DAY 22 - Sep 29

We've finally made it to New Mexico! So much to write about since the last post, but so little time. I will just put in the highlights of the last few days.

Evalie's artistic talent has grown a lot in the past 2 months, here is her latest masterpiece, Princess in a Castle.

I read about this place in a National Geographic magazine when i was a kid, The Cadillac Ranch. Now i finally get to see it in person! It hasn't aged all that well, especially since people have been spray painting the cars for years... so much paint that there is at least a cm thick of paint in most places! I guess the paint will preserve it for a long time :-)

Here we see a couple of graffiti artists caught red handed!

We drove along a 20km stretch of windmills in Texas, there was at least a hundred of them!

The famous Route 66

Marianne drawing up a sketch of our route so far while we paused on the way up a long and steep mountain road in New Mexico on our way to Toas. We weren't sure the car would make it!

The view in our camp ground. We are on a plateau at 2000m elevation surrounded by mountains on all sides, some as high as 4000m. Very nice view!

A visit of Earthship Biotecture's headquarters.

A test building where they will attempt to have 25 interns live in the building and grow all their food indoors (including chickens).

One of the many earthships in the community.

Rio Grande Gorge, really deep gorge right next to the earthships.

 Evalie took on a few kg... she's been eating a lot lately ;-)

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