Thursday, November 13, 2014

DAY 64 - Nov 10

This last weekend we stopped in Houston Texas. This is a town filled with interesting things to do, we chose three that rocked for everyone involved!

First was the Kids Museum. We spent the whole afternoon, all 5 hours of it running around trying all the activities... almost every activity... i was exhausted and had to practically drag Julie out of the place (she was even more excited than the girls!). Fortunately the place eventually closed and we had to leave!

The girls saving the life of a dummy in the ambulance, that's my girls!

Here, lab technicien Marianne shows us a cool experiment.

OK, now moving on to the really cool stuff... THE Houston Space Center!!!! We got there the next day and I almost passed out from the excitement when we got inside!! The place is packed with fun things to see and do.

Our two astronauts in training trying out their space helmets :-)

On the NASA missions wall we found a picture with Julie Payette (yes they misspelled her name on the plaque), a Montrealer that went to my Julie's school a few years before her and has been on two spaceflights!

Everyones favorite Mars rover... well mine at least.

We took a ride on the tram tour through the Johnson Space Center right next door where the astronauts and NASA workers, umm, work. We got to see the building where they keep mockups of the International Space Station for training purposes. I was amazed to actually be there!!

Here we see even SpaceX has a spot for their gear. Orbital Science also has a small area close by.

I was tempted to strap this little engine to the back of the camper for an extra boost :-)

Inside a rather long building we got to see a restored Saturn V rocket!!! One of three that survived the Apollo Space Program of long ago. I knew it was big but damn, up close it's really impressive!

Kudos to Julie for managing to pretend to be interested most of the day!

The following day we checked out the USS Texas, a battleship that served during WWI and WWII. Very impressive old boat!

The girls fine tuning their targeting skills. We managed to sink a tug boat and knock over a transmission tower... oups...

Sailors where crammed in like sardines and their beds where hung anywhere possible.

Here we see the shower/bathroom.

The view on the deck.

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