Monday, November 24, 2014

DAY 78 - Nov 24

We just spent the last 9 days at the Fun and Sun RV Resort in Sarasota Florida (just bellow Tampa), a huge place where you can park your RV or rent or buy small houses... this is where old(er) people go to escape the cold winter weather! There where some families too and the girls made some friends... i mostly enjoyed the heated pools and hot tubs :-)

We saw several cool birds there, here we see some cranes, we also saw a lot of white Ibis.

A very odd plant near the crocodile lake... where we think we saw a crocodile poking it's nose out of the water... maybe... might of been a turtle...

A visit to the Tampa Electric's Manatee Viewing Center to see some, you guessed it, manatees! Also known as sea cows.

We where lucky to be there during a medieval festival, a lot of fun shows, games and people dressed up in their best costumes.

The girls got to put on their halloween costumes again. Here we see a Hungarian jouster handing out flowers to the princesses in the crowd :-)

One of many trips to the beach.

Evalie almost got crushed by a huge bellied pregnant lady!

Priceless moment :-)

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