Thursday, November 6, 2014

DAY 55 - Nov 1

We started the day with a stop at the Space Murals Museum near Las Cruces. Almost missed it, there was just a little sign by the side of the road next to an exit to a NASA test site. We were about to jump onto the highway on our way to our next stop when we saw the sign and decided to take a chance and see what the place was about.

What a fun museum! Tons of nick-nacks donated by collectors and NASA people. We had an enthusiastic guide, Odette, who gave us a fact filled tour of the place.

A control panel for, umm, something at NASA.

The water tank outside has a very nice mural all around it.

Cool scale model of the space shuttle, with an authentic future astronaut right next to it!

Later we stopped by the White Sands National Monuments on Highway 70. A very disconcerting place where we felt that we had been transported back to Quebec in the middle of winter... except it was warm... and it was sand, not snow. The out houses look like ice fishing cabins :-)

Our first sand dunes and they turned out to be (almost) white! The deserts we have seen so far have been of the flat and covered in bushes, cactus and dry grass variety. The girls had a blast playing in the sand and sliding down the dunes.

Evalie pondering the mysteries of sand as it flows through time...

Was it a mirage or a vision of beauty i saw in the desert...

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