Saturday, November 1, 2014

DAY 54 - Oct 31

We are now back in New Mexico after passing through Arizona. I got to live an old dream of mine, visiting the far west! We stumbled upon Tombstone Arizona! Yes , THE Tombstone of the Old West!! It's touristy now, but still has many of the more or less original buildings and plenty of actors walking around in clothes from the era. The city burned to the ground a few times, so they can be excused for the less than authentic buildings, it was a wild town where the life expectancy was relatively short and the notion of fire + wood buildings = devastation was not yet assimilated into the collective consciousness!

Here we are about to embark on a bumpy narrated ride in a stage coach, complete with cowboys and all. Marianne was jumping with joy :-)

Big Nose Kates Saloon. Not because she had a big nose, but because she was always getting her nose into everyone's business.

Evalie having a swig from her canteen... it was a hot and sunny day.

Posted in the replica of an old west prison.

Another stage coach on the main street.

We passed the 9999.9 km mark!! Unfortunately the odometer flips back to 0.0 after that... oh well, we just need to mentally add 10000 to it :-) We are compiling a list of every time we fill up with gas, so far we have not had the courage to calculate the total... would be depressing i'm sure...

Halloween finally! The girls have been talking about it since before we left on our trip... is it Halloween yet? Is it Halloween yet? Arggg! It's finally over! Good news is, and i don't want to bug everyone back home, but... it was 18C and a little windy at the Halloween party that evening. Big change from our usual 2C and rainy Halloweens we usually get! ;-)

These are not the tourists you are looking for...

Parental Advisory: The following image display a graphic depiction that is not suitable for younger children.

This last photo is one i've been meaning to add for a while but kept forgetting. It was taken in Needles Arizona and it was 36C and dry as a bone outside. The photo shows a rare view of trucks procreating... we where wondering why there are so many trucks in the USA and he we found out why, they are horny as heck! ;-)

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