Monday, March 14, 2016

We made it!

After a fairly long flight including a transfer in Panama City, we made it to Costa Rica! Willem was a real champ, hardly any fussiness, and the girls where very happy to finally fly on a plane.

The parents on the other hand where exhausted from the late night preparations and early rise to get to the airport. Big thanks to Gilles for getting us there with plenty of time to spare... pro tip: if you want to do the baggage check-in and the security screening really fast, bring a small child with you, you get to use the express lane! :-)

Happy fliers.

More happy fliers

Nice puffy clouds, reminded Marianne of coton balls :-)

Made it to the house, despite a grumpy cab driver how could not figure out our printout of the map to get there.... you see there are no street addresses outside of big cities in Costa Rica, so the official addresses are something like: "300 meters from the football field, 4 streets after the first exit from highway 3 in La Garita". Took 4 cab drivers and a friendly guy how spoke english to figure out how to get us there... i think we got scammed for tips! Live and learn i say...

The view from the living room, nice clean place if a little low on essentials and internet connection speeds. As a bonus they have mango trees all over the property, can't wait to taste them!

The walk to the convenience store for some much needed supplies.

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