Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Still relaxing at the house, sorta

Well it's been a rough start to our vacation, Willem got the dreaded Tourista monday night, that was not a fun way to get woken up in the middle of the night... he's much better now, should be back in top shape tomorrow. Unfortunately Evalie is sick now and my stomach is churning but it could just be the hot sauce i had for supper... i hope... i vaguely remember we came here to relax!

We still manage to have fun in the swimming pools and enjoy the warm weather. It's weird to have the sun directly above us, never been this close to the equator before! Lots of stars here too, as we are far enough from San Jose that the sky is pitch black at night.

As for plant life, we are surrounded by dozens of mango trees, a couple of banana trees and one cashew tree. Bellow we see a tree full of unripened mangoes. There are two kinds here, the regular one we have up north and a smaller type. Interesting fact, when you pick the fruit the stem drips a white sap that burns skin. The owner showed us a nasty burn mark on her arm... handle with caution!

Here is the cashew tree. The small darker part that looks like a stem is actually a fruit that get's bigger and round. The part at the end is where the single cashew nut is in... it has to be burned and then cracked with a hammer to get the nut out. Not allot of nuts in one tree, no wonder they are so expensive!

Our always photogenic Marianne posing in front of the convenience store that has been our grocery store for the last 3 days. Tomorrow i pick up the SUV we rented and we will start our exploration of the country... as soon as everyone is over the Tourista of course...

Let's end this post with a sunset you don't get in Canada :-)


  1. Did you see Arthur the adventer québécois (DVD sold in Québec at this time about Costa Rica ) ? GB

  2. no we haven't seen it yet, thanks for the heads up! We'll add it to our collection of Arthur DVDs :-)