Friday, March 25, 2016

Birthday ups and downs

My birthday activity yesterday didn't turn out like we planned but we had a fun day anyway. We had started on our way to Jaco Beach using the new highway 27 but half way through we got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic... for almost 2 hours... good thing Willem slept for most of it. We inched our way to an exit and headed off north of Jaco to a different part of the coast. In no time we found a beach that seemed promising. It was not great but it had sand and surf, all you really need for a beach :-)

The sand was a dark gray, reminded me a bit of the beaches in Iceland, but way hotter! The kids had a blast playing in the waves and building castles as usual!

On the way back we took another road, route 3, which winds it's way up and down and around the mountain range, back to the house. Fortunately Willem took a nap again and even Evalie took a rare nap. The roads we have used so far are surprisingly good, if a bit narrow.

After cleaning up at the house and dressing up a bit we headed off to a local restaurant, Restaurante Tipico La Casana del maiz, for supper. We ordered a platter for 4 that was covered in meats, plantains, some kind of potato mash, corn on the cob, bean dip, salsa and pita bread to make empanadas. The bread and corn where bland as can be, but the rest was very good. There where also 4 kinds of soups as entrees. Everyone loved the food, even Julie who is fussy about going out to eat wants to go back. I'll take pictures next time, the place has a nice decor and the servers wear traditional costumes.

Wednesday we had gone out to a local Orchid garden. With the drought going on they where a bit low on flowers so we manage to get a lower admission price (a lot of places charge double for non-locals). 

There where also a few birds (in cages of course, always makes me sad to see that), but at least we get to see them up close.

Monkey want a banana?

The kids having fun in the playground, there is also a lake with white ducks in it. We meet a nice Tico couple with their two kids. The girls had fun feeding the ducks with them.

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