Friday, March 18, 2016


I almost died the other night in the bathroom... but i'm feeling much better now!

We survive the deadly scourge of gastro. Most likely a little something we caught just before we left from Quebec and in our weakened state (new food to digest and hot weather to adjust too) it kicked our butts. Willem was the first to recover and guide us back to health, our hero!

Today was a return to action. We started of with a drive to the local zoo this morning in our newly rented SUV we got yesterday. We got it from Tout Costa Rica, a site that helps out francophones to find inexpensive cars to rent, hotels to stay at and places to go. We got the car for $500 USD less than the quote we got directly from the rental company :-)

The zoo is close to our house in La Garita. It's called Zoo Ave and has mostly birds but also monkeys, sloths, iguanas and turtles.

Way to many turtles in that little pond... at least 50 and it smelled of turtle poo... maybe that's the way they like to hang together but i kinda doubt it...

One of several kinds of toucans. 

Show off!

This monkey was so cute, we sneaked her out with us and kept her :-)

This fellah was at least 1 Evalie in length (in metric about 120 cm).

Julie was amazed at the contrast between the local palm trees on one side and the pine trees we are more familiar with up north on the other.

The afternoon was spent in the pool back at the house, afternoons are generally a bit hot to move about, so we do like the reptiles at the zoo... we lounge in the cool water.

I want my margarita... NOW!

Check out our super diving champ Marianne.


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