Thursday, March 10, 2016

Costa Rica, Here we come!

Pre Flight Preparations - Mar 10

Our fearless explorers are at it again! This time we are off to Costa Rica for 5 weeks of relaxing in the sun, cooling off in the swimming pool and exploring the area. There are exotic animals to see, interesting people to meet, volcanoes, tropical forests, beaches and more! We'll be practicing what little spanish we know and learning more.

Also this time around Willem will be making his debut as a traveller outside of Julie's belly! If you recall our last adventure, he travelled around the USA for 3 months during his second trimester inside Julie. The girls will also be taking their first plane trip, let's hope they don't get airsick...

We leave on Sunday the 13th, so stay tuned for our updates, which should be fairly regular as we won't be moving around so much and i'll have more time to write.

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