Saturday, January 2, 2021

Jour 35 Feux d'artifices

2 janvier

This morning Marianne, Willem, Amelia and I went into the activity center were we played a game called Taboo there are some pieces missing but we managed to play without them. Soon Amelia was bored, so we started a puzzle, since Amelia doesn’t like puzzle she went outside with her scoter. Later at 7:00 o’clock pm Daddy, Willem, Marianne and I all went to see the little firework that Tom, Amelia’s father, had prepared on the road. It made a lot of noise, but there were beautiful! Fortunately, there were not too many cars passing by. 


Ce matin Marianne, Willem, Amelia et moi, nous sommes allés au centre d’activité. Là, on a joué a un jeu qui s’appelle Taboo.  Il manquait certains morceaux mais on a quand même réussit à jouer. Rapidement, Amelia était tannée donc nous avons commencé un casse-tête.  Puisqu’Amelia n’aime pas les casse-têtes, elle est allée dehors avec sa trotinette. Plus tard, à 7:00pm, Papa, Willem, Marianne et moi sommes allés voir les petits feux d’artifices que Tom, le père d’Amelia a préparé sur la route. C’était bruyant, mais très beau! Heureusement, il n’y avait pas trop d’auto qui passait par là.


  1. Love your creativity 👍🏻

  2. WoW. Fireworks for New Years. So lucky. I can't believe you have been gone already over 40 days. Good luck to all of you.