Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DAY 17 - Sep 24

Today finds us in Oklahoma City as i spend some time in the library working and July does some laundry. We spent a noisy night in a Walmart parking lot way to close to traffic. Evalie had a hard time sleeping, she was also sick yesterday. After sleeping in late this morning she seems to be OK.

Yesterday featured a fun visit to the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City. Very interesting and educational for everyone. The girls had a blast learning about the internal structure of vertebrates. The video showing how dead animals where prepared for de-fleshing the bones and cleaning them was a bit to much for Evalie though... but Marianne found it very interesting :-)

They have some cool specimens on display, including a whale and a giraffe

Evalie possing in front of her favorite display.

Marianne in front of her favorite, proudly showing her quiz paper she filled in during our visit. She got all answers correct! Ok we helped, but she did all the writing! Evalie wrote down a few answers but got bored... then had a fit later that night when she remembered that she had'nt finished the quiz... 4 years olds... sigh... :-)

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